Items to trade, swap or sell

almost anything on any page of my site is available to trade swap or sell
although there are key pieces which I am not prepared to let go
let me know if you have anything you would like to exchange
or e-mail me for further details

check and money order payments can be made in U.S. dollars or pounds sterling
credit cards are accepted via PayPal

here are some items that are instantly available without my having to think about it!
click small picture to view larger version

Wart Ector Mim Wart Wart Wart & Merlin

cels and a drawing from The Sword in the Stone 1963
the actual movie frames of these cels can be viewed on
The Sword in the Stone page

Pluto from unknown 40's short

Pooh & friends Pooh Tigger
believed to be from
Winnie the Pooh & a Day for Eeyore 11 March 1983

Elliot - the dragon, from 'Pete's Dragon'

the following drawings are also immediately available, click on the name to see the picture

door concept from Snow White | Mother Goose Melodies 1931
The Practical Pig (2 drawings)1939 | The Practical Pig | Grandmother Fa from Mulan
Chi Fu from Mulan | Taran from The Black Cauldron | preliminary sketches from 101 Dalmatians
King Hubert from Sleeping Beauty

I would be prepared to consider an exchange of one of the following drawings
if you have anything really exceptional to offer in return!
Snow White | Snow White & apple | Captain Hook




all images are the copyright of The Disney Company
and are used here for illustrative purposes of a private collection


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