Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

released 21 December 1937

the Queen

blows a kiss
Snow White blows a kiss to Grumpy as the dwarfs leave for work
a clean-up drawing original animation by Bill Tytla
(Illusion of Life)
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matched pair of Happy and Dopey

simulated paste-up

wishing well

take a bite

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witch at window
animation drawing by Norm Ferguson
(Illusion of Life)
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This drawing worried me as, when it arrived, on a trimmed sheet of animation paper without registration holes, the watermark of 'Hammermill Management Bond' was running vertically, instead of horizontally as on all my other drawings of this era. I posted a query and got this reply from Steve Worth of Vintage Ink and Paint.
"All you have to do is compare that drawing to the two other ones on that page, and you can tell for yourself that the "Culhane Snow White" is definitely not production art. It may very well have been drawn by Culhane though. I have seen quite a few signed sketches on management bond that he apparently drew many, many years after the fact. These recent Culhane sketches have very little value, but some less knowledgeable galleries authenticate them as production simply because of the signature and the paper."

Please visit Vintage Ink and Paint for more information on animation art

Vintage Ink and Paint

model sheet of the dwarfs

door concept

rough concept for cottage door - hinges changed later

a fellow collector who particularly likes Snow White (and how!) has posted all of his collection which ranges far and wide, visit Hans Walther at

Hans Walther's Collection

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all images are the copyright of The Disney Company
and are used here for illustrative purposes of a private collection

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