Sleeping Beauty

released 29 January 1959

Publicity gift

A print produced as a gift for studio guests and correspondents.
The signature is presumably a 'studio signature' done by an artist on Walt's behalf!

Briar Rose

Maleficent & Diablo

click here to see the movie frame

Flora Fauna Merryweather

three matched drawings from the christening sequence


simulated paste-up of final frame

click here to see the movie frame

Three Fairies
sketch for a publicity drawing



too big an image for my scanner!


very rare indeed - a Sleeping Beauty drawing
NOT signed by Marc Davis!!!

here to see the movie frame

Minstrel waiter

King Stefan King Hubert
Matched pair of drawings of the Kings

Aurora and reflection

the mock prince
interesting to note that the birds carrying the cape are just sketched in, does this imply that they were animated by a different person, or was there no change from previous drawing? Also on the same paper in the left corner is the following little sketch of a girl, not at all the style of Sleeping Beauty more like a Freddie Moore drawing from 'All the cats join in' - although Moore had died in a car crash years before

mystery girl

all images are the copyright of The Disney Company
and are used here for illustrative purposes of a private collection

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