The Jungle Book

released 18 October 1967

very pleased with this drawing of Shere Khan,
have not seen an equally good Mowgli to go with it
(it cost me $1200 and it is NOT for sale, so please don't ask!)

Shere Khan

click here to see the movie frame

Colonel Hathi

Colonel HathiColonel Hathi

I don't own many cels but I have no Mowgli drawing
so far and this became available. I've put him against a framegrab
of the movie still - the actual cel looks like this:-

oddly you can see that Mowgli was on a cel layer ABOVE the elephant
hence the gaps in his anatomy for the trunk
click here to see the actual movie frame



okay so now I own two Mowgli cels!!
click here to see the movie frame


okay so not a great pencil, but the first one I've been able to get!

until this one!
Baloo and Mowgli

all images are the copyright of The Disney Company
and are used here for illustrative purposes of a private collection

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