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My name is Steve Lee and I live in England. My family live in Florida which is a great place for
holidays and Walt Disney World. I work in childrens theatre (or "theater" if you are Stateside)
and have had the pleasure of writing two Disney television scripts for European audiences.
I have been collecting Disney drawings for about seventeen years. I have a Victorian pencil drawing
of two little girls which my Grandmother bought as it reminded her of my mother
and her sister, and pencil drawings have thereafter always appealed to me.
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The Puppeteers' Company

I have always been a fan of Disney animation and found that the Disney drawings
represent more of the work of an original artist than the "cel" which always
seemed a very manufactured product - trace: ink: paint:
whereas there was a vitality in the original pencils which got smoothed
out during the production process.

As finances are not unlimited I had to draw the line (!) :-)
somewhere when it came to establishing a collection,
so decided to concentrate on the features that were produced during Walt Disney's
lifetime. And, yes, I know two of my 'Fun & Fancy Free' are forgeries, and one of my
'Saludos Amigos' cannot be identified - I never said the collection was complete!

all images are the copyright of The Disney Company
and are used here for illustrative purposes of a private collection


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